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Creating Masters For The New Generation Direct Selling Industry

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Hi, I'm Kuldeep Eregodu

A banker turned serial entrepreneur, ventured into a new arena. I'm on a mission to "Create Masters" in the field of Direct Selling Space.

I'm also the Founder of Blitz Networking Hub. 

If you're struggling in your 9 to 5 Job and willing to earn 6-figure income...

If you find yourself believing that you are capable of having Entrepreneurship journey...

If you think that this is all you can achieve in your Life...


Get ready to step into a new light, greater understanding and better mindset about who you are and what you're really worth!

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I help you help yourself...



Focused sessions which make you the center of attention. It's all about you and I'm here to make you feel as comfortable as possible...


Phone Call

Afraid to meet in person due to Covid-19? Schedule a 1-on-1 call with me and I'll take you through the paces of a good mindset...

One-on-One/ Groups

Virtual Group

Join in with like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners who are as hungry as you are to tap into 6-figures every year...

Meet Ilyana Kosovo

Founder of 7FBillionaires, Past Student

"Because of Amelia, I took my business from making 5-figures to 6-figures a month and now after about 7 months, we're set to hit 7-figures. She really showed me where I was going wrong in my approach to my clients and how my own mindset was causing a plateau. My existing clients gladly pay twice as much for my value now because I myself see the value in myself and my vision..."

Let me share in your story so I can show you how to truly mind reset...

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It's kind of a big deal... we're only talking about your success here!!

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